One Integration
to unlock Payments
from any Bank

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Payment Gateway

One seamless integration into your web or mobile app unlocks the ability to receive payments from any Ethiopian bank.
Customers can pay you using any mobile banking app or in person at bank branches and agents.
Payments made by customers go directly into your bank account instantly !

Are you a Merchant looking to integrate electronic payment to your business?
Are you a bank looking to access our large customer base?
You have come to the right place, contact us now:

Telegram: @WeBirrSupport

Checkout some of the businesses that are using WeBirr
Four steps for Merchants to receive Payment using WeBirr
Sign up with WeBirr and establish agreements with banks
Create invoice using WeBirr SDK, Merchant App or Billing System. This results in a Payment Code
Provide the payment code to the customer (SMS, mobile/web display, in person or by phone)
Check the payment status of the invoice using polling with the WeBirr API or via WeBirr WebHooks.

Three steps for Customers to make Payment using WeBirr
Get payment code from the business through their website, app, sms text or in person
Go to mobile banking services that support WeBirr (CBE Mobile, Telebirr, CBE Birr, Awash Birr, Abyssinia Mobile Banking, Bunna Mobile Banking, etc ... )
Enter the payment code confirm amount and description and pay
Customer Payment instructions